Dear Parents,

    Welcome to Cherry Lane Nursery.  Here in the nursery we pride ourselves on providing a warm nurturing environment in which the children have many varied opportunities to develop their confidence, social skills, independence and a love of learning.  Activities are planned in accordance with the Early Years Foundation Stage with a particular focus on children’s listening, attention and language skills; personal social and emotional development as well as their physical skills. These skills in combination provide the foundation for all future learning.

    Play - Young children learn best through play.  In the nursery the children lead their own play based on their interests as well as through group activities guided by an adult.  Our nursery has been designed so that children can independently access and explore a wide range of high quality resources on a daily basis.  We have a lovely garden, which we think of as our outdoor classroom, providing children with opportunities to play and learn in a natural environment. 

    We look forward to an exciting year full of diverse and creative learning opportunities for your child. Starting Nursery is a very exciting time for both children and parents as it is the beginning of your child’s journey towards an independent and successful life.

    Your child will look to you for guidance and encouragement so:

    • Be positive and happy about Nursery;
    • Show your child that you are excited about them coming to Nursery ( even though you may be feeling apprehensive);
    • Talk to your child about what to expect and how their day has been;
    • Encourage your child to part from you happy and confidently.

    Our team are always happy to speak to you about any queries or concerns you have and if you do not collect your child from school you can contact Mrs. Underdown via the school office on 01895 444480.

    If parents would like to come in and help or have any special talents to share with the staff and children, please come in and see us!

    We look forward to the year ahead.

    Mrs. Underdown

    Nursery Teacher

    Our Nursery Curriculum

    Our curriculum is split into 7 areas of learning which are made up of the prime areas of learning and the specific areas of learning. We support our children's development in each of these areas through a range of independent activities, teacher led activities and child initiated play. We value the different experiences and prior learning our children bring to the setting.

    Prime Areas:

    1. Communication and Language: Involves giving children opportunities to experience a rich language environment; to develop their confidence and skills in expressing themselves; and to speak and listen in a range of situations.

    2. Physical development: Involves providing opportunities for young children to be active and interactive; and to develop their co-ordination, control and movement. Children must also be helped to understand the importance of physical activity, and to make healthy choices in relation to food.

    3. Personal, social and emotional development Involves helping children to develop a positive sense of themselves and to others; to form positive relationships and develop respect for others; to develop social skills and learn how to manage their feelings; to understand appropriate behaviour in groups; and to have confidence in their own abilities.

    The Specific areas:

    4. Literacy: Involves encouraging children to link sounds and letters and to begin to read and write. Children must be given access to a wide range of reading materials (books, poems and other written materials) to ignite their interests

    5. Mathematics: Involves providing children with opportunities to develop and improve their social skills in counting, understanding and using numbers, calculating simple addition and subtraction problems; and to describe shapes, spaces and measures.

    6. Understanding the World: Involves guiding children to make sense of their physical world and their community through opportunities to explore, observe and find out about people, places, technology and the environment.

    7. Expressive arts and design: Involves enabling children to explore and play with a wide range of media and materials, as well as providing opportunities and encouragement for sharing their thoughts, ideas and feelings through a variety of activities in art, music, movement, dance, role play and design and technology.

    In planning for these topics we use The Early Years Outcome document which gives guidance about what a child showing typical development for their age will demonstrate.

    School News

    To find out the latest news about the school it's important that you regularly take a look at our school newsletters.


    At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to the child's success is ​the positive involvement of parents.

    Writing Skills

    Click on this handy little guide to help you help your child develop their early writing skills. Do talk to us about any thoughts you may have or advice you may need.

    How can I help my child develop their early writing skills

    Maths support 

    The maths work your child is doing at school may look very different to the kind of sums you remember. Click on this useful little guide may help you with the differences and help you support your child's learning.

    Maths resources


    Here are some helpful tips to make reading fun at home. Click below to download a copy. 

    Reading Resources
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